What does love belong to? 

So, I have a car, it’s my most favorite car in the whole world and I wouldn’t give it up for anything, it has my love. 

But, there’s also a neighbour of mine, who couldn’t afford his daughter’s school fees, and can’t even afford a decent meal for her as well. 

I know i could sell my car and pay for her college fees and even more, but I refuse to do so because it is not what I want or would love to do. 

You see, all the most loved cars in this world are the most expensive, meaning it is normal to believe that what we love will end up costing us the most, but compared to life and education, can we really say we have done right by ourselves and our neighbours by placing our love in such car-nal things? 

The lesson learnt here is that, sometimes our love must go to the things we do not initially love, for love belongs to a just cause and not to a lust cause. 

Love belongs to that which works for the benefit of the majority. 
#GodisInvolved #CobbyQuotes 


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