Laziness is a thief you see? 

So, you have a campaign to run for presidency, but laziness allows for you to let go of such an opportunity, laziness almost sounds like Grace, just that it aids you let go of all the glory you could have had if you had sacrificed a little bit. 

Again, so you have an exam coming up in a few days or hours, but you allow laziness and it’s entourage of distractions to prevent you from scoring that easy A you could’ve gained, its like a loophole isn’t it? A loophole that allows only variables to pass through it into oblivion, it’s a black hole bent on shredding your light. 

Yea though laziness be friendly, it must not be mistaken for a friend, for a friend gears you on in your aspirations, and gently helps you get back up when you fall, but a friend doesn’t advice you to let go of the next best thing while you actively enjoy the next best sin. 

 So how will one detect laziness when it creeps in? Well, just know that laziness sets a bed before you in the presence of opportunity, while God sets a table before you in the presence of your enemies; they might seem alike, but are highly unlikely to be the same. 
Guard your heart, kick out excuses to he lazy.

#GodisInvolved #CobbyQuotes 


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