Making it into Heaven. 

There are so many excuses that could keep one away from God, like: “Why do what He likes and not what I like?” 

But you see, those of us who say this as Christians, mostly say this while still believing we have been given Grace, but you see, if God, did what He wanted above what Jesus Christ clearly wanted; which was to live; and it worked out for our good so well that we choose to even abuse it, then why can’t His Will for us also be what’s best for us? 

Christianity is about sacrifice, in case the cross hasn’t made that clear enough to us, Christianity is about evolving into the Spirit (HOLY SPIRIT) while the flesh dies, and for there to be new life, there must be a shedding off of the old, and a sacrifice in itself is never meant to be appealing, but when it has borne it’s fruits, it is as rewarding as a mother holding her newly born baby in her arms after all the sweating and crying. 

I hate to sacrifice myself too, it’s very mutual, but we’re dying to lifelessness to allow for a Holy Life to be borne within us, is this not pleasing enough a cause to die for? 

Don’t be afraid of dying, if it’s for God, it’s for the Best! Let go of yourself, your desires and your will, and let God have is way even against your desire and will, for though it hurts to be obedient for now, let it not be your will, but the will of the Father be done for your own best sake!

Shalom and keep praying, all the best in your death endeavours and know that it builds our character whenever we humble ourselves to our creator. Peace. 

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