​A baby learns to walk only when she/he has been left alone to stand.

My Senior High School textbooks and teachers accurately informed me of the many reasons why GHANA’s development declined after independence, and one main reason which was mentioned was our expectation of a perfect country once our government took over, which led to reluctance from the Ghanaians; this is definitely not the case anymore.

It has remained within our culture to always expect help from the “Aban”- which transliterates as “a wall of protection” but means Government- even with the littlest of things, but lately, I have observed a different trend in the youth.

I’ve seen women picking up entrepreneurial roles in the fashion and makeup industry, and men accompanying this feat with photography services, which is extremely remarkable for us as Africans as we have been known far and wide for our creativity evident within our culture.
I’ve witnessed under the burning African sun, no longer an outcry for help, but a feeding of Self, entrepreneurship instead of mere employment, creation of jobs instead of solely accepting job roles… I think we are ready for the future…I think we’re ready to create our future.

Destiny’s growth has been firmly secured in our efforts to discover ourselves- after all, the greatest nations in this world were all built off our backs.
It’s about time we put ourselves first.

Good Job GHANA, more Grace, and well done, we have more levels of growth to attain as a family!



All pictures were provided by >>24hoursinAccra<<

It’s a new day!


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