To Be Successful

Is it to be who you were destined to be, or to be rich and famous, and even influential?

What really is “success”?

Would there be a successful movie industry if factory workers were all people sought to become instead of acting plays and dramas?

Would there be a multi-billion dollar industry of football and soccer combined if all we ever did was to stay in the classroom and play football as a hobby?

Jesus Christ (was poor and couldn’t afford education to become a Pharisee, but became the Greatest Rabi, Saviour and Leader of the Jewish People and The World at Large!), Simon Peter (was a fisherman), Bill Gates (dropped out of Havard University), Steve Jobs (dropped out of Reed University), Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (dropped out of Havard University), Walt Disney (dropped out of school at the age of 16), Oprah Winfrey (dropped out of Tennessee State University), Coco Chanel (left school at the age of 18) and even Abraham Lincoln (dropped out of school at the age of 12 to help on his family’s farm, and later became president of the United States of America!)- all these were school drop outs or deemed as “unsuccessful” at some point in time based on their seemingly wrong decisions to abandon what Society thought of as Necessary for Success!

What is the lesson here? If there is anything worthy of you being paid for, it should be becoming who you were destined by God to be, and not what Societal rules say you should do.



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