It is the ambition of the masses,

the story of success.

Aspiring to be the best, survival, strife, accomplishment, sigh.


But what happens, when victory is incomplete?

Has victory ever been complete?

Victory is one-sided, it favors only the winners among the human race, but

who said such segregation was always right?


Think of it, if Victory was to contest with Unity, who would win? Who would be victorious?


Victory is necessary- no lie- but there is one other, which Victory succumbs to without a try, her name is Unity, and in her, we are all winners?- No, we are all one.

So learn to be content with her steps today, instead of surviving, think of uniting.

It took us this long to realize, that even Success was a means of segregation.

As necessary as Victory is, so is Unity, so the next time you think of winning, make sure there is a scheme of unity in your plans, regardless, for victory for the human race will only be found in Unity and not in the Vanquishing of others.


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