God’s Vineyard

Lost but found, I was a wanderer lost in his thoughts;

“Where is God, is God real? Does He fit in the Big Bang Theory?” 

But He found me, when I questioned Him about His existence, and brought me into Eden.

Its funny how we do not realise that to be found in His Vineyard is to be with Adam, Eve and Him.

The Master now has a garden of people, not just two,

And He checks on them personally to show them His Love is true.

No more will sin separate us from Him, oh how evil of sin to do such!

But God Himself has provided the tree of life, planted at stake for us!

And with this, there is not a command, but rather a promise:

“I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will forever be in your midst.”

Really interesting and heart changing, how a law has now become His love, yes God has worked the soil, caused the earth to grow, and through pain and suffering, He has borne our sins, and given us the tree of life.

He is the relentless Husband who chases though the vows may be broken by His wife.

His only victory is this, having you and I in His vineyard, such a good Father.

And He is sure to guide our growth, with supplements of love, forgiveness and direction, such a good Farmer.

#cobbyQuotes #GodisInvolved 


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