In life, there are a lot of unknown variables, this  negatively predisposes you, lining you up perfectly with a lot of surprises, but if you start early, and stay focused, things will be within your ability of control. #cobbyQuotes


Time lost can never be recovered, only regretted. – #cobbyQuotes


Food is not given to the needy/starving so they fight with it, and neither is Faith, Faith, just like Food, just like the Bread of Heaven (Communion), was meant to feed God’s Children, so they grow up to become men and women of God who know their Father and His word, for they have digested…


It is the ambition of the masses, the story of success. Aspiring to be the best, survival, strife, accomplishment, sigh.   But what happens, when victory is incomplete? Has victory ever been complete? Victory is one-sided, it favors only the winners among the human race, but who said such segregation was always right?   Think…

God’s Vineyard

And with this, there is not a command, but rather a promise:

“I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will forever be in your midst.”