Love is Lust

Love is lost, only when love is given, no love given, no love lost.

Sweet scented lips and dizzying smiles, as lovers indulge in each other’s embrace, she has given her hopes away to an idea of a man which will not remain.

Puff, soon the clouds which wrapped around her head turn into smoke-woeful smoke, sending alarms to the sky, blinding her eye; her heart has caught fire, and there aren’t enough tears to quench its flare. A love as strong as pain, has torn artery and vein. Of course, a love is only as strong as its heartbreak, and though she wishes to have died in love, she lives a heartbreak.

But before long, time has served its sentence, and again, it is time to love again, this time, the love promises to heal all old wounds. Only a love superior to the former can heal its heartbreak, but a greater love only poses its own new heights of potential heart pain, its either this love survives, or she may not survive its heartbreak.

But who cares? The desire to feel what has been yearned for burns hotter than the dessert sun, and the hopes of an uncertain future serve as wishes her childish heart is ready to chase after.

Love is a drug, even in its absence, the smell of its possibility drives the mind high, no wonder love is an angel, but why doesn’t Cupid stay? Question for the gods. Till then she is willing to risk the odds, and love again, her injuries have awaited healing for so long, and the chance to be happy again with someone new seduce her better than any other reality.

Love is lost, when love is given, and when love is lost, its hell leaves one begging for a heaven. Love is Lust, insatiable, even when not worthy of commitment.



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