False Converts: The Two Types

It may surprise you, but who a false convert is is not really necessary, rather, who a true convert is is what we should be concerned with.

Now, according to  Matthew 7:18, “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” Hence, as a Christian, you should know-first of all – that this isn’t to judge you, so please leave your self prejudice out the door and relax, for you are an accepted Child of God in the presence of God, as we share this read.

Obviously from the above scriptural quotation, Jesus and God are implied to be the source of the “Good Tree”, but what are the true colors of this tree’s fruits? Love, for we were born of Love as Christians and hence must first Love the Father above all other natural desires, and secondly, love our neighbors completely. Now we shall move on to brush over the two types of false converts from this definition.

A false convert could be an individual still living in absolute disregard for the word of God and His instructions concerning our way of life, this kind of convert is the more popular one since she may be easily spotted out by her actions.

But then there is the more subtle sinner, the one who believes he is right in condemning others, when actually scripture also refers to false converts as those who do not Love others with the Love of the Father, as seen in 1st John 4:20 .

In conclusion, both types of conversion shouldn’t scare you once you have read this, be rather concerned with which fruits the true convert should have, like; Love, forgiveness ( of self and of others), consideration, compassion, tolerance, Patience and a life lacking in prejudice or condemnation of self and of others. ( 1st John 4:18)

These are the fruits of the holy spirit, so feel not condemned, for the truth has been fulfilled unto you now, so just pray to God, and observe yourself, checking yourself with scripture, and making sure your love for God, your enemies and friends is perfected, or is growing at least. This might take some time, since like every tree, bearing fruits takes time, so know this, and start observing patience as you grow into your fruits of love, okay Sir/Madam?

Final words from me will be those of Dalai Lama:

So what then is Love? Love is the absence of judgement.

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