Feminism / The feminist in me

I have a mother, I have witnessed how beautiful she has been towards us.

I have a sister, I know what beautiful future I have dreamed up for her.

But I have no feminists in my life, so I chose to become that for my family.



“Please Cobby, never be like that” she said, after sending me screenshots of a conversation she had had with a man, a husband. The conversation wasn’t one worth writing home about, especially to the home of the married man.

With his wedded wife at home, thinking everything is okay, he sends a girl younger than his wife a text initiating conversations involving “yum yum” and tasty fruits forbidden to the married soul. Her rejection of the conversation only leaves him making cheesy excuses.

To think I was going to spend my whole life restoring the right order of dignity entitled to men, making women realize how kingly we are.


The word family itself represents a phenomenon which cannot be initiated without a female. A woman holds the home together, and the human race needs to know that for a woman to fight back, then something awfully wrong has occurred.

As if a tender rose was ever to blame for having its thorns.

We need to see life from her perspective, and understand her struggles, life is not easy for a female, lets not make it any harder for our greater half; the women.


But how can I keep mentioning the word “family” without referring to my own. Men aren’t these evil creatures meant to torment females..  Men are also needed for the family to be complete. The human race needs both sexes to make this work. Feminism should never be a struggle left only to females.. Feminism should and is a word which says ” Female Pride”, and men must take the humble step of appreciating women. We cant let this battle against our negative sides be fought against by females only, because, in a sense, the word “feminism” refers to the greater part of humanity, of which we were all a part of at some point in time, hence we all owe her our affiliation. The word “Feminism” should be a call of duty to the restoration of the Queen of creation, and not a fight between the Royal Family.

In short, Feminism is not a fight for the females, its actually a reaction to the negativity directed towards them by men, making it “our struggle”. Imagine if men treated women like they did their customers.. and if customer service was a priority in every family or society. Yet the woman does all the caring, where were we, and where have we been, even more importantly, where are we now? As men, do we stand with females to fight together against our pride and ego, or do we look down on the Flower and blame her for her thorns?

Feminists unite! Human race unite! It could be the greatest struggle of all times, because for once, we turn the guns to ourselves, and die to our own selves of pride, negligence and blatant nonchalant behavior towards our feminine counterparts. May God help us reach Love and not equality-

For where the struggle for equality becomes a war between two, love settles the dispute by demanding humility from both sides

Especially the male counterparts.. So lets heed only to the humbling demands of Love, and let Love lead the way as our sole authority; in Jesus Name, Amen.

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